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The 90 day life-changing immersion to write, publish and market
a children’s book that makes a difference to the
lives of children around the world.



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Delivered live on Zoom in the private Facebook group. All sessions will be recorded for you to access anytime.


'This is 3 month intimate 1:1 and group mastermind journey with me, other like-minded aspiring children’s book authors, and successful self-published children’s book authors who have walked the path before you.'

From 11 June 2022 – 2 September 2022

This includes:

Mastermind Trainings

2 x CHILDREN’S BOOK EMPIRE 2 hour live mastermind trainings delivered on Zoom in the private Facebook group (this will be recorded for you to access anytime).

One Private Session Per Month

1 x 60 minute 1:1 private session with me per month.

One Group Session Per Month

1 x 60 minute mastermind group session per month over three months (these will either be a training session or a deep dive Q&A).

6 Guest Experts

6 x guest expert speakers all sharing their expertise with you. (These will be recorded for you and accessible anytime in the private FB group).

PM Support

PM support for 3 months up to 10 minutes per week.

Powerpoint Slide PDFs

PowerPoint Slide PDFs showing you step by step how to plan, publish and market your book.

Private Facebook Group – Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access to Children’s Book Empire Private Facebook group for videos, receive feedback from other authors, share reviews, brainstorm ideas and supporting each other to the end goal of children’s book author.

Children’s Book Template

Save yourself time with setting up your book like a real book.


Niels Van Hove

Author of four children’s books, including My Strong Mind (Positive Mindset Series) and How I Beat My Bully 

“I sold 25,000 books across all channels, making $140k in royalties for four children’s books this past year.”

Niels van Hove's first children’s book, My Strong Mind, which helps develop resilience in children, became successful with translations into 11 languages. He then went on to create two more children’s books in his Positive Mindset series and another book entitled, How I Beat My Bully.

“I was in a changing phase leaving a corporate job and was exploring new things I wanted to do. I enjoyed learning the process of self-publishing. Holding my first book is one of the proudest personal achievements in my life. That’s a great motivator by itself. The book became successful with translations in 11 languages so far and a decent extra income selling online in US, UK, CA & Australia.

"Online publishing is less risky and more scalable than printing your own books. I always liked Julie’s hands-on approach. We worked hard and got stuff done. Learning while being in good company! Once you know how to self-publish you can do it for the rest of your life. The value of the coaching stays. I now sell 60 books a day.”

"This has enabled me to fulfil a lifetime dream."

“I had always dreamed of writing children’s picture books. I wanted to put the stories I'd told my students into print. Before the program I was feeling like I hadn’t reached my full potential. This has enabled me to fulfil a lifetime dream. I feel more confident and grounded in the direction my next part of my career will take. I feel happier working in a field that I’d only ever dreamt about. My soul is content and grateful.

"The most exciting moment for me was when I received my first proof of my book, What’s a Yiayia? It was the first time I felt like a real author. I had finally done it. Julie is an inspiring and supportive coach. She made me feel confident in asking all my queries. Julie shared all her expertise in a professional and generous manner, always encouraging and getting the most out of me. I never felt ridiculed or belittled; she genuinely wants her clients to fulfil their desires and achieve the best possible outcomes.

"My favourite part of the process has been the tangible books I’ve held when my book arrives in the post as a proof. To smell the paper, read the story and have a real book in my hand. It's hard to talk about it without getting emotional.

"If anyone has a book that they’re desperate to write and publish I’d encourage you to make your dream come true. Julie is an amazing mentor who will guide and encourage you every step of the way. It’s never too late to follow your dreams and just do it! Doing this was the best risk I ever took.

"I have now published my second book, and am working on three more. I’ve learnt so much about the publishing process, public relations and advertising. I now feel confident to create more books and call myself an author. I’m no longer an imposter. I’m thrilled that I followed my passion and dreams and took the risk to write.”

Stella Stamatakis

Author of What’s a Yiayia?: A Book About Grandmothers and Poppy Picker: A Book About Nose-Picking and the Booger Monster

Lisé Baker

Author of My Awesome Family series about transgender families.

“I have six books self-published and have been approached by a mainstream publisher to submit one – working on that at the moment!”

"I wanted to write some kids books, had the ideas but was feeling at a loss about how to move forward – particularly regarding self-publishing. My life was a bit messy and I was also working, which meant at the computer all day everyday, so I had little ‘brain space’ available. In a nutshell – unsure how to move forward.

"The coaching helped me gain focus to move writing forward and take the steps to publish. Being able to sit down and go through what steps needed to be taken was a massive help. Having you do some of the groundwork to get me up and running was a particularly helpful bit. This all has meant I’m now very comfortable with the self-publishing process. I haven’t done much marketing, but my mediocre efforts have sold 400 books. I think holding my books was an a-ha moment, a this-is-what-I-was-working-toward-and-it-feels-good moment.

"Julie was great to work with, she pushed/directed where needed, listened and heard (two very different things!), patiently answered my endless I’m-confused-about-this-or-that questions (in particular re self publishing). Always reliable and helpful. Her knowledge around self-publishing is brilliant. Being able to talk to someone who is switched on about this whole writing and publishing process. It’s a very isolated process. Go for it! There is absolutely nothing to lose and so very much to gain. Julie is a fabulous coach – she is knowledgeable, intelligent, warm and genuine, (and will prod as required!).

"I have six books self published and another currently with an illustrator, My Awesome Family, about the diversity of families and more in my head as always! On a side note I was approached by Jessica Kingsley Publishers to submit another children’s book around transgender – working on that at the moment."

Nicola Philp

Author of Baby Days

“My Baby Days book was added to the Victorian Baby Bundle which will mean at least 50,000 babies (yes you read that correctly!) will be reading my book!”

“I was feeling frustrated at so many years of never getting close to publishers and hardly any of them accepting picture book manuscripts. I wanted to achieve my goal of publishing books as I knew I could write well, but didn't know what to do with my two finished manuscripts.

"My Baby Days book was added to the Victorian Baby Bundle which will mean at least 50,000 babies (yes you read that correctly!) will be reading my book, which is pretty special! The refugee book led to speaking gigs at some schools and a launch at Readings with Julian Burnside. I felt very supported during coaching and keen to do as much for myself as possible as I wanted to minimise coaching costs to spend on my illustrations, plus I like to be independent and do things for myself to learn!

"I feel like I've birthed two books that now have their own place in children's lives - especially Baby Days. I still occasionally see someone who says 'oh my child loves your book' or a lady recently used it for her bi-lingual YouTube channel which was sweet. I found you to be very knowledgeable, expensive, but It was money well spent 🙂 I enjoyed getting the delivery of my first books with my name on them, and also signing books at the launch was fun. It felt surreal. If you want to make your book happen, Julie will help you. She knows the answer to any question you have!”

Michelle Karavas

Author of The Day My Brain Went Crazy

“It was a dream come true.”

"I was not feeling as challenged and stimulated in my employment at the time and had that constant ongoing nagging feeling about starting a children's book still popping up. I felt a bit overwhelmed and nervous before the coaching, as I felt I was out of my depth and had a whole lot of learning to do. But I was also feeling excited as I was starting a new journey and learning new information that was outside my expertise. Since the coaching It was then that I got to see my book self-published. It was a dream come true. All the ideas about the cover, pictures and story had then come to life.

"I was asked if I would like to do a Sydney book tour in 2018. I was invited to appear on TV, Studio 10 in Sydney to discuss my book and talk about anger in children. I also did a podcast for Kidspot and one for Children's Radio station talking about my book and anger in children. After my Sydney appearance I had a book distribution company sell my book and sales in book shops increased. I was then asked to appear on the Daily Edition on Channel 7 twice a few months later to discuss my book and talk about anger in children at the Melbourne studio which was exciting, but was scary too! My book was also advertised in The Australian Women's Weekly in their book review page in 2018 which was amazing and Olivia Anderson who is an influencer on Instagram under the name, FLAT OUT MUM also put my book on her story. I got many orders through my website after that.

"Since I self-published I found a new confidence and also believe to back myself and give things ago, as you have nothing to lose. I would never have had these opportunities if I didn't put myself out there. When I get parents telling me "where was that book when my kids were younger" or getting feedback from children saying the character in the book sounds like them. It makes me happy when I watch children read the book and feel like they are not a "bad child" that anger is normal and everyone needs help. I also love getting feedback from parents, professionals about how they have used the book when working with kids in settings such as home, school and even in the family court system. It makes me feel that it was definitely worth following my dream and writing the book on the topic of anger. When I had positive feedback it just cemented the fact it was meant to have been written.

"Julie was fantastic to work with. She was very knowledgeable, supportive and walked me through every step of the way. Without her, I definitely would not have self-published my children's book. She was caring, nurturing and non-judgemental. She had great ideas and was very positive and encouraging throughout the whole process and thereafter. My favourite part was watching the book come together. It was great seeing how the Illustrator designed the cover and to watch the story come to life with the illustrations. Then to hold the final copy of the book in my hands was an amazing feeling. Do it! I would highly encourage you to start, even if they didn't have many ideas, as I feel once you start the process, it will all come together. Julie is highly professional and will walk them through every step of the way.

"I look back now and reflect on what an amazing experience this journey was for me. Self-publishing was an idea I had always thought of doing , but I am actually proud of myself that I followed through with my idea. Never in my wildest dreams did I feel I would have had all the opportunities pop up for me such as TV, podcasts, Blogs and Magazines. I also feel so happy when I hear parents and kids tell me that the book describes their child exactly. I love hearing feedback about how children have started to learn to self-regulate and find strategies to help them calm. The book was designed to help kids and I'm just glad it does help some.

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Julie is the founder and director of iinspire media, a global company that helps visionary people write, publish and promote their books and bring their message to the world. As a speaker, teacher and consultant, she guides her students and audiences to find their truest voice and own their visibility through publishing a book that makes an impact in the world.

As the author of Breaking the Sound Barriers, 9 Deaf Success Stories, Julie has helped thousands of families of deaf children lead happy, thriving lives. She has ghostwritten books on subjects ranging from health and fitness, baby sign language, cosmology and dating, all of which have impacted their audiences. She is also the proud single mom of miracle twin boys, Ollie and Arie, who are now two years old and adore children’s books!

Dozens of authors have come out of her workshops. Some have been on television, radio and in the newspaper. Recent media coverage includes ABC Conversations, Sunrise, Channel 7’s Daily Edition, Studio 10, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Body and Soul, Daily Telegraph, Kinderling Kids Radio, Australian Women’s Weekly, Traveller, Mamamia’s No Filter Podcast, Stellar Magazine, Kidspot, BubHub, Mamamia, Nine Mums and much more.

Some of her published authors have become highly paid speakers, some have become respected advocates in their field making a difference. Some have been offered mainstream publishing contracts both in Australia and overseas and some have sold thousands of books.


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