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    We’re now producing Audiobooks!

    Hello! I am delighted to let you know that we are now producing audiobooks! Many of you have asked me over the years about creating your audiobook. After much searching, I have finally found the right person who is an absolute expert at producing audiobooks and podcasts, who really cares about his clients and wants you to succeed. Dave will hold your hand through the process of recording your audiobook. He will edit your book and produce the recordings to ensure you pass the strict Amaz

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    The difference between vanity publishing, independent publishing, and self-publishing

    If you have decided to self-publish a book, you may have heard conflicting information. Are you wondering about the difference between vanity publishing and independent publishing? Vanity publishing is when you pay a publisher to produce your book. It may also be called subsidy publishing or a vanity press. You pay the publisher to turn your manuscript into a book ready for commercial release. Independent publishing is where you do all the publishing yourself. You may use some commercial s

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    Why self-publishing is not vanity publishing

    Simply explaining the difference Vanity publishing (also termed as 'subsidy publishing') is an actual publishing house which charges authors to publish their book. Self publishing is when an author publishes a book all on their own, without using an established publisher. Another form of publishing which seems to get confused with self publishing and vanity publishing, is independent publishing (also sometimes termed 'small presses', or 'indie press'). Independent publishing is a very sm

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    The Current World Of Self-Publishing

    More people than ever are self-publishing their writing. In 2017, for the first time, the number of self-published books reached over a million. The market is growing steadily and it’s a great time for indie authors. Here are some common trends in the world of self-publishing.

    An online presence is essential

    The barrier to entry has never been lower for self-publishing authors. While this means you can start publishing your work right away, you will need a way to stand out from the

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    Why you need a book for your business

    Promotion matters One of the most important things to consider when operating a business is: promotion. No matter the size of your current client base, at the end of the day, that will only carry you so far. Sure, it's fantastic to have a strong base of supportive and regular clients, but various costs are rising every single day and there is absolutely no way that a business can survive with the same income month after month. The problem with promotion is, that businesses tend to rely o

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