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    There are so many reasons to write a book:

    • To establish yourself as an expert in your field,
    • To become an authority in that niche,
    • To share a message with the world,
    • To share a new perspective on a subject
    • To sell books
    • To create a legacy
    • To do it because it’s on your bucket list.

    Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to write your book.  The questions you need to ask yourself are:

    • Will you be writing it yourself?
    • Will you be collaborating with another author?
    • Or will you hiring a ghostwriter?

    If you’ve finished your book, then you will go straight to working with an editor.

    If you’re almost finished, but feel that your book could really do with some help, then we match you up with either a ghostwriter or an editor.

    If you haven’t written your book and need help with structure and chapters, then why not book into a one hour session or a half day book discovery session with Julie.


    Please never short cut on a professional editor! You will risk scathing reviews on Amazon and other platforms which will damage your sales.

    We will match you up with a professional editor who will do three types of editing on your work:

    • Structural editing

    The editor looks at the overall structure of your book.  They will advise you to move, or cut or add to that chapter, advise you whether the style of writing is appropriate for the target audience, and whether you should delete these sections.

    • Copy editing

    The editor will edit your line by line book for grammar, punctuation and spelling.  

    • Proofreading 

    The editor will proofread your book, both on the Word version before it gets typeset for print, and again on the galley proofs before it goes to print.

    iinspire media will match you with an editor and/or proofreader so that your book is the best version of itself before it goes out to the world.

    Contact us at info (at) if you need assistance with any or all of the following.