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Menspeak by Paul Mott

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Menspeak by Paul Mott is the first of its kind as it is an intimate look at the male experience as told – uncensored – by the men themselves.

About the book

The male spirit hurts. It has been hurt. And for too long it has transferred that hurt to others – physically, verbally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually – and to itself. This book is the first of its kind as it is an intimate look at the male experience as told – uncensored – by the men themselves. ‘MenSpeak’ is about expressing hurt and healing it. You will read stories of men willing to reopen wounds and allow you to enter their male spirit experiences in the hopes you can heal your self too. This book is intended for all men. ‘MenSpeak’ is for everyone whose male spirit longs to be expressed without harshness, criticism, sarcasm, hurt, ridicule, blame, accusation, non-acceptance, disapproval or fear. It is also for the women of these men. They finally have a chance to discover what men speak about when they are given a safe environment and an invitation to speak.

“This is an incredible book that delves into the psyche and spirit of men – and how this understanding can affect the future of male generations to come. It gave me greater insight into my husband and son.” — Amanda Spedding, Author.

“MenSpeak is a profound book that finally has been written and speaks directly from the speaker to the reader about the experience of men in their own words.” — Dr. John Buckingham, Dentist.

“I’ve never really heard men speak so frankly and openly about themselves and their lives …”— Veneta Tsindos, Journalist and author.

“Men, surely it is time to feel compassion for ourselves and others and be courageous enough to set aside patterns of behaviour that do not seem to be helping and arrive somewhere new.” — Dr. Peter Howe, Anaesthetist, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

About the author

Paul Mott is a psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. He has facilitated numerous groups for men, women, individuals, couples, groups, organizations and businesses. He has previously written Language Arts, A Source Book, Art Lessons for Students by Students, We’re People and Reading Readiness.

About the project 

iinspire media assisted with the following: editing, proofreading, publishing the book on Amazon, printing local copies, creating the website and the Facebook page.

You can view the book on Amazon here.

See Paul Mott’s website here.

See the MenSpeak Facebook page here.