Why you need a book for your business

  1. Promotion matters

One of the most important things to consider when operating a business is: promotion. No matter the size of your current client base, at the end of the day, that will only carry you so far. Sure, it’s fantastic to have a strong base of supportive and regular clients, but various costs are rising every single day and there is absolutely no way that a business can survive with the same income month after month. The problem with promotion is, that businesses tend to rely on the same types of promotion, television, radio, and social media advertisements, and sales conventions, and trade fairs. With so many businesses using the same promotional avenues, many businesses are very quickly and easily getting lost amongst the masses. Your business needs something to stand out, something to stand above the rest. And that is exactly where self-publishing comes in.

  1. A book will give your business credibility and authority 

Yes, you definitely read that right, self-publishing is an invaluable and a somewhat unique way to promote your business. Just think about it, you can have a whole book, of any size, completely dedicated to your business. To what it is exactly that your business does, why customers should choose your business, what you can and will offer prospective clients, and even why the best future talent should choose your business for the next step in their career. Like I said, it’s an invaluable marketing tool. It’s also such a grand gesture of sorts, that it lends immediate and lasting credibility to your business. Any business can have a business card, a Facebook page, or a website, but how many actually have something as authoritative as a book? The exciting thing is, platforms such as Amazon, make it so very simple and straightforward to publish a book.

  1. Exposure galore

The thing about Amazon, which most people don’t realise, is that it is the third top-ranked internet search engine following Google and YouTube, and it is the number one search engine when searching for products and services. This is exactly why your business should be getting a piece of the action. Just think about it, you Google or search for a particular service, and a handful of businesses show up. You see that one of those businesses has a published book all about their business and what they’re offering. Which business will stand out the most to you? Which business will feel more impressive? Exactly. When you think about the purpose of your business, all the facets of your business, I can guarantee that your list won’t stop at one item. Your business will always be interesting to you, you will always feel passionate about your business, therefore you will never be short of ideas to write about. And just imagine it from a future client’s point of view. If they can read just how passionate you are about your business, just how much it means to you, just how much it can offer them; then that is something that will excite them, something they’ll want to share with their family and friends. And everyone knows just how powerful word of mouth can

  1. Publish your book the right way

Self-publishing a book is also a rather cheap promotional option- if done correctly, and if it is used as a genuine marketing tool to promote your business, then it is also tax-deductible. If you just write a quick book, make up a quick and basic cover, and upload the book to Amazon- that won’t get you far. It will just get you terrible reviews, and really just give your business a terrible name. Like all valuable promotional avenues you do need to invest in the book. It doesn’t matter who it is that writes the book, you still need to have it fully edited. That means content, copy, and line editing, and proofreading. You also need a professional and eye-catching cover, as well as ensuring the formatting inside of the book is of a professional standard, too. It can seem daunting at first, but there are so many professionals out there who you can very easily hire to edit and format the book, and create the cover, so that whole aspect is not difficult, nor time consuming.

  1. The benefits are never-ending

The benefits of publishing a book solely about your business, far outweigh how difficult you may think self publishing is. A book can sell a product or service, a book can draw clients to your business, a book can recruit employees to work for your business, and it can even draw the media’s eye when they are looking for an expert on a certain product or service. And it will help your business shine.